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Ampache: Web Based Media Streamer that Kicks!

I have often wanted to toy around with setting up a home server of sorts.  While I have always had something in the last 2-3 years, I wouldn’t exactly have called it a server.  I was running a DLNA program on my NSLU2 and it worked, but I just didn’t have a good feeling for it to use it beyond the oh that’s cool stage.  Now with Ampache, I think I have found something I will use and maybe even my family.

The interface is wrote in PHP, primarily and it’s awesome.  You basically only need a web browser and a flash plugin to play music.  It also supports Icecast style streaming so you should also be able to use your favorite desktop player as well.

I would write more, but I would rather talk about it in depth on TLLTS.  So, just go check out Ampache and stay tuned to The Linux Link Tech Show for more.


November 3, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Some Reviews I am working on…

I have a few reviews in the queue for on and on the tech show.

The first one I will be working on is the Sansa Fuze+ review.  Will the new version hold up to the old Fuze?  Stay tuned to the Linux Link Tech Show and to find out.

The second is the ZaReason Terra HD Netbook.  In fact, I am typing this post on it now.  So far, I like it!

There will be both audio and text reviews on both of these devices coming to and

October 11, 2010 at 11:11 pm

A word, then a post: My Top Ten Essential Admin Tools for Linux

This post comes from a post that Linc had shared via Facebook on someone’s top ten essential admin tools for Linux.  Linc and I as well do NOT totally agree with this writer.  Some of the things he suggest like Dropbox aren’t even for running on servers.  Sure you CAN run it on a server, but drop box is NOT a backup solution.  Also he ignores MANY of the tools that are really essential.  So, here is MY top ten essential admin tools for Linux: (more…)

October 5, 2010 at 10:10 am

FOSS Community Bashing of Microsoft and Apple Needs to Stop


I love Open Source.  I also don’t like Apple or Microsoft too much but I do not bash them.  Yeah it’s fun to chide them when they have issues, but I have always prided myself that the FOSS community generally will compete on the fact that they are better than Apple or Microsoft.  I guess I was wrong.

What brought this up is my search for a theme for my hacked G1.  I have seen several screens that have the Android either peeing on a Apple that looks like the Apple logo or the Android tossing a Apple into the trash.  While they are kind of funny, they are exactly what the Linux and Android world do not need.  This kind of behaviour can tick off people who may be considering a phone running Android.  The reasons they may be looking at them is the fact that the iPhone may just not be on their carrier of choice so they may be looking at Android phones as a option.  Then they may look at the themes out there or the wallpapers out there and see this kind of stuff.

There’s more.  The recent 7 sins campaign seems to fight FUD with FUD.  I won’t say that they don’t have some valid points because they do.  However, going negative makes us, the FOSS community as bad as Steve Ballmer stomping on a iPhone on stage.

How do we compete with Microsoft and Apple?  By being better than them both technically and in our actions.  We should be above reproach in our marketing campaigns and our actions.  We should never resort to the same things that Microsoft or Apple do.

Plus, we should also look at both Apple and Microsoft and see what they do that is better than what we do.  FOSS isn’t perfect.  Microsoft does do some things better.  We should try to improve Linux and Android to make sure that they are better then their closes counterparts in both the technical and graphical level.  That means we should never include these humorous things in say a boot screen.  If you want to have a Android peeing on a apple on your wallpaper, that’s cool but don’t put it in a theme that you apply to your phone.

I also must note….Android’s don’t pee.

September 12, 2009 at 5:31 pm 3 comments

Using a Computer is like Driving a Car

I just ran into a situation that reminded me what some people want to do with Linux.  My example is cars.  Recently, we’ve begun to have trouble with our 6 year old van.  The Power Steering seems to be cutting in and out as is the AC.  I think this is a serpentine belt going out, but while driving back from Church, the scary thing happened and the check engine and the oil light came on simultaneously for a second or two then went out.  Everything was running ok except the aforementioned steering issue.  As I went home, the temp shot up to H after sitting at a light which I theorize could possibly be related to issue with the belt.  However, when I did get home and checked the oil, the dipstick was WAY low.  So, I went and got some oil and put it in and that made me think…why ISN’T there a gage to warn us before the red light goes on?  This is what users want from their computers whether it runs Linux or not.

Windows users, like my wife, want everything to be automatic.  Linux users after they are acclimated, generally accept what they have to do to run a Linux system.  However, thanks to Ubuntu making great strides in usability, now the Linux world is being invaded by people like my wife who want the computer to be an appliance.  They want it to do what they want it to do when they want to do it and they don’t care about the details that it takes to do it.

Windows and Mac OS X have been exposed to this for a while now.  Linux has only recently been open to this kind of an audience.  In fact, Linux already gets some things right by default, but not all.  Somethings are already better than the way Windows handles things.  Alot of things are not (Linux zealots hold your thoughts).

What I want to say is this a right kind of opinion?

Mechanics tell you you must do a oil change and must check the belts and transmission fluid and all sorts of things and still there are people who don’t do this and they get zapped.  This happened to us today.  How much would a car cost with all the intelligence it needs to tell us when to put new oil in or when it’s low?  How about when your shocks need changed before they fail?  What about a digitized indicator for brake wear??  What about all of these?  Cars would cost much higher than they do now.  Car companies are already having problems largely of their own doing, but I can’t discount all of the carbon emission stuff that’s being bandied about.  All of this emission control does cost car companies something.

On a computer running Windows, you must install antivirus programs and malware scanners at a minimum, but what if they had a process that would automatically copy from a CD to your cellphone and tag the songs correctly for each and every cell phone model and playing software out there.  Can’t do it and even if you did hit a majority 0f the phones, someone make end up liking some obscure peace of crap from 5 years ago and still want to use it with their PC.  Event then, there is more obscure stuff out there that isn’t supported because it’s old.

With Linux, it’s even worse because some manufacturers won’t provide a drawing or schematic or whatever details the developer may need to write a driver.  This makes supporting every single piece of hardware a impossibility and also makes this kind of “appliance software” a impossibility

A car has certain maintenance.  A computer, Windows or Linux based have thier own idiosyncratic things.  Until we realize this at some point, we will have unexpected behaviors.

What do you think?  Should cars or computers be more complicated by being less complicated to use?  Should Ubuntu keep putting effort into making it easier to use?

May 20, 2009 at 11:52 pm

Congrats to Aaron Newcomb

Was listening to this week’s FLOSS Weekly and Aaron Newcomb of the_source video podcast is going to be on FLOSS  Weekly on February 25th to discuss ZFS.  The file system that is going to be used in Apple’s Snow Leopard and is used in Solaris.

I’ve met Aaron and he’s a incredibly nice guy and fun to hang out with.  Looking forward to OLF 2009 and dinner at BD’s again!

January 10, 2009 at 9:04 pm 1 comment

Linux Position?? Word?

I just LOVE seeing stuff like this on job postings:

Please forward a Word version of your resume to for review and interview.

Linux System Administrator

Full-time employee position with:

  • Full benefits
  • 401K
  • Growth potential
  • Competitive pay
  • Work independence

The job is for a LINUX SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR!  A resume in Word formatting?

Yeah I know, it’s the “industry standard” however if I were asking for a Linux sysadmin, as a test, I would ask for it in Openoffice format…. 😀

July 8, 2008 at 8:26 am 3 comments

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