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FOSS Community Bashing of Microsoft and Apple Needs to Stop


I love Open Source.  I also don’t like Apple or Microsoft too much but I do not bash them.  Yeah it’s fun to chide them when they have issues, but I have always prided myself that the FOSS community generally will compete on the fact that they are better than Apple or Microsoft.  I guess I was wrong.

What brought this up is my search for a theme for my hacked G1.  I have seen several screens that have the Android either peeing on a Apple that looks like the Apple logo or the Android tossing a Apple into the trash.  While they are kind of funny, they are exactly what the Linux and Android world do not need.  This kind of behaviour can tick off people who may be considering a phone running Android.  The reasons they may be looking at them is the fact that the iPhone may just not be on their carrier of choice so they may be looking at Android phones as a option.  Then they may look at the themes out there or the wallpapers out there and see this kind of stuff.

There’s more.  The recent 7 sins campaign seems to fight FUD with FUD.  I won’t say that they don’t have some valid points because they do.  However, going negative makes us, the FOSS community as bad as Steve Ballmer stomping on a iPhone on stage.

How do we compete with Microsoft and Apple?  By being better than them both technically and in our actions.  We should be above reproach in our marketing campaigns and our actions.  We should never resort to the same things that Microsoft or Apple do.

Plus, we should also look at both Apple and Microsoft and see what they do that is better than what we do.  FOSS isn’t perfect.  Microsoft does do some things better.  We should try to improve Linux and Android to make sure that they are better then their closes counterparts in both the technical and graphical level.  That means we should never include these humorous things in say a boot screen.  If you want to have a Android peeing on a apple on your wallpaper, that’s cool but don’t put it in a theme that you apply to your phone.

I also must note….Android’s don’t pee.


September 12, 2009 at 5:31 pm 3 comments

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