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Hope 2010 is better than 2009

I know this is usually the kind of post that is done the week after or the week before New Years, but here’s my restrospective of my life from 2009 and hopes for 2010.

First, this year cancer returned like a vengeance in my Mom in Law’s life and finally took her in November.  She survived 10 years of battling cancer and we are a stronger family because of this.  In the last 3 months, we have had family get togethers at my wife’s little brothers house.  This has not happened in the last 3 years.  I think it’s a wonderful thing that has happened since my wife’s mom went to be with the Lord.  The only really kind of negative thing, other than sadness that persists to this day, is that my father in law has been so completely shaken by this event.  He always was the rock of the family, but is now kind of in limbo.  He was so sure of himself and what he was doing for the last few years and now he just doesn’t know what his purpose is in life.  I pray he finds something because we all need that little something in life to make it worth being.

Luke has been a special challenge this year.  He’s a good kid, but he has a lot of trouble dealing with his temper.  We’re trying to work through this and we are bound and determined to keep the family together.  We just had a respite and my wife and I only went to the grocery store.  It was very pleasant and we didn’t have a persistent child asking for everything he sees.

What do I hope for 2010?  Well I hope to deepen my relationship with Christ and my friends and family.  I want to do whatever God want’s me to do and I feel he’s wanting me to get more involved at Church.  I also feel he’s telling me I need to focus on my family.  I still intend to do all of the other things that I currently do, but God and family all come before podcasting, blogging and work.

I also hope to get back in to ham radio a little.  At least firing up my rig a couple times a month.  Get active and make sure everything works.  You never know when the next Haitian earthquake or Hurricane Katrina happens.  I need to be ready.

Hear is hoping that you all have a great 2010!


January 18, 2010 at 9:53 am

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