Radical Read Along Chapter 4 – How DO we share God’s Glory with the World

The one quote in the book that gripped me the most is this one:

Based on the purpose of God we’ve seen in Scripture, shouldn’t every Christian’s heart be ultimately consumed with how we can make God’s glory known in all the world?

How can we even do this?  That is a radical faith in God that is needed in order to make His glory known throughout the world or does it?  The more I thought and prayed about this and in the rest of my prayer life, the more I thought each of us can have a impact not just here, but in the rest of the world too.

Imagine this….say God is calling you to minister to children.  What if you, with God’s help of course, helped to show a child the glory of God?  What if you prayed with a child or a teen who fully commits himself to Christ and then God calls him to be a missionary in Uganda or somewhere else in the world.  What is that?  Impact. In your calling and your relationship with God, you helped a child come to Christ!  You did what God wanted you to do and thus showed God’s Glory to the world.

In this modern world, it is even easier to do this.  This read along itself that Marla has been leading is reaching all across the United States and God is enabling us all to be blessed enough to purchase the book and to read and have all we need to share this message on the Internet.  The Internet’s reach is world wide.  We may not be directly feeding someone in another country or showing God’s love directly to someone who really needs it, but we may be helping or ministering from the other side of the world.

So if you think I have I heart for South Columbus, I think that still may be correct however, Columbus is part of the State of Ohio.  Ohio is part of the United States and the United States is part of the world.  The very world that God wants us to show his glory.  So do you have a heart for the world?  Sure you do.  God may just have placed you where he wanted you to be so that you can through all of those degrees of connections you make an impact in his kingdom.  So you can show God’s glory to just a little piece of the world.

With that said though, God definitely calls people to be missionaries in other parts of the world.  That person may be you.  That person may be the one you prayed with 10 years ago.  Think about it.


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Radical Read Along Chapter 3 – Losing Ourselves

I was enthralled with this weeks reading just like all of the others, but I think the reason why I was enthralled is God wanted me to be alert for something that required a radical change in my schedule and in myself.  What I am talking about is an experience that I will share below:

Sunday morning, I was in my normal routine except I did make a couple changes already.  I had decided to wake up a bit earlier than I did to go for a run.  This was my first run in a long time.  I prayed to God to get me through this radical physical effort that I was about to undergo that morning.  I threw on the headphones with some worship music and fired up the C25K program on my phone.  God got me through the run, but the big change was yet to come. (more…)

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Radical Read Along – Chapter 2 – Giving Your ALL for Him.

I think, for me, Chapter 2 of David Platt’s Radical is really about separating yourself from the world and concentrating on God. I loved the stories about the house Church and the Secret Church.  I love the idea of holding a “secret church” service.  Removing all of the creature comforts of the modern day Church and go into a room without electric or air conditioning and just have your Bible and your fellow Christians and studying about God.  Seriously studying him and concentrating on him and only him.  Makes me just go wow. Then I think of the story of the gospel and how wrong a lot of us get this.  Jesus wasn’t scared of the nails being driven into his palms.  He was scared of having God’s wrath poured out on him for our sins.  Wow….even the son of God was concerned about this to the point of being on his knees praying to God and sweating blood.  What amazes me most is why he even had to go through with this.  It;’s my fault.  It’s all of our faults.  We’re not worthy to enter the kingdom of heaven.  Without him, we can’t get through this life. To cap this weeks reading off, I have to look to my friend and pastor, Rob Faught and his wife Leah.  They told their story of their trip to Belize.  Leah told the story of a mother who traveled 3 hours in the morning on a bus with 3 kids just so they can hear his word.  Now in Belize, it is hot and humid just like Marla’s Cambodia.  They were always drinking bottled water because the water in Belize was not safe for us Americans to drink.  One of the kids asked her for a drink of water and because she was afraid she wouldn’t know when they would get more water, she said no.  They got ready to leave and got in the van to ride back to camp and as they got in the van, the leader of the group asked if anyone needed to get water at the store.  Leah just realized she should have gave this child her water.  Leah and her husband Rob sacrificed so much so they could go and serve God in Belize.  Even as radical as that sounds, you can always go further. (more…)

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Radical Read Along – Chapter 1 – Wow…this IS Radical

God has been working on me for sometime to do something with Gabe Taviano.  He leads a local group of Christians here called the Digital Disciples.  A group of tech enthusiast who also happen to be Christians.  I have always wanted to join their monthly gatherings, but with the timing of getting out of work as well as getting from the south side of Columbus to the northwest side in time for a 6 PM gathering, it’s a pretty tall order.  Maybe some day I’ll make it.  Anyway, that isn’t what this post is about.  Gabe posted on Facebook about his wife, Marla, leading a read along of David Platt’s Radical – Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream.  Gabe said there were only three other men participating, at the time, so I prayed about it and felt God saying to do it.

In the last year we had studied in our small group at Church at the low numbers of men in leadership positions in different ministries.  In my prayer about this reading, I just felt God saying I want to prepare you for your next step.  This is God’s way of helping me prepare for what he has in store for me.  I still do not know what that is, but I hope to at least grow through this reading.  So, from here on out are my thoughts on Chapter One of Radical. (more…)

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A New Approach

Hey All!   Long time no post!  I usually post over on Gear Diary more than I do here but I decided this would be the place I talk about this.  What am I talking about??  Well, I was reading through some of Joe “Zonker” Brockmeier’s blog and came across a post that directed to a post on Linux Mag about the Party of Gno.  In this article, he specifically points out negative campaigns like the Defective by Design campaign against DRM and the Windows 7 Sins campaign that are both done by the Free Software Foundation.

First, before I share my opinion, I want to state that I support Free Software 100 percent.  Now that I have that clear, I will say this: He’s right.

At SELF, I got into a conversation about my Kindle.  I love my Kindle and I have and do buy books on Amazon for my Kindle.  Yes they have DRM on them.  I see this as acceptable.  Yeah it sucks, but the simple fact is publishers will NOT publish a book with no DRM on it at the current prices.  The publishers and the authors both deserve a piece of the pie.  They both deserve to be paid.  There’s probably nothing I can do to change the publishers to my way of thinking.  What I can do is promote places I can get DRM free content for the Kindle which it indeed supports.  You are not limited in any way to only read and use DRM’d files.   With that said, there are enough dishonest people that would think nothing of putting a DRM free copy of the latest books out there on the web.  I wouldn’t, but they aren’t protecting themselves from me, they are protecting themselves from the pirates who are not affected by the DRM whatsoever.  They are hurting the honest people like me.  The only way to fix this, in my opinion, is to quite whining about things we can’t control and make it easy and possible to manage the device on Linux and support those who do choose to use a Kindle or similar device.  At the same time, we can point users to where they can get DRM free content.  You are not going to get DRM bestsellers so the gnashing and screaming Gno at them is useless.

So, don’t feel guilty about using Ubuntu One, Dropbox, the Amazon Kindle or even older iPods.  They ALL work on Linux.  Promote free software, but don’t deride the people who choose to use a closed program or device.  Support them by saying why yes you CAN sync a iPhone with Linux now.,  You CAN move books on and off your Kindle with Linux.  You CAN put music on your Sansa Fuze with Linux.  Start telling people what Linux CAN do and not what it SHOULDN’T do.

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SELF 2010 is Going to be Awesome

Friends of the penguin are gathering again.  This time in Spartanburg, SC and I will be heading south to attend!

This is only the second year of the Southeast Linuxfest.  Last year, their first year, they only planned for about 100 people to show up.  Over 400 people showed up which is simply amazing to me.  Dave Yates, my friend and producer of the Lottalinuxlinks.com Linux User oggcast has done a phenomenal job and i am so looking forward to this show.

What I do want from the few people who read this blog is where in Spartansburg can I get some Carolina BBQ! 😀

May 8, 2010 at 10:35 am 2 comments

Hope 2010 is better than 2009

I know this is usually the kind of post that is done the week after or the week before New Years, but here’s my restrospective of my life from 2009 and hopes for 2010.

First, this year cancer returned like a vengeance in my Mom in Law’s life and finally took her in November.  She survived 10 years of battling cancer and we are a stronger family because of this.  In the last 3 months, we have had family get togethers at my wife’s little brothers house.  This has not happened in the last 3 years.  I think it’s a wonderful thing that has happened since my wife’s mom went to be with the Lord.  The only really kind of negative thing, other than sadness that persists to this day, is that my father in law has been so completely shaken by this event.  He always was the rock of the family, but is now kind of in limbo.  He was so sure of himself and what he was doing for the last few years and now he just doesn’t know what his purpose is in life.  I pray he finds something because we all need that little something in life to make it worth being.

Luke has been a special challenge this year.  He’s a good kid, but he has a lot of trouble dealing with his temper.  We’re trying to work through this and we are bound and determined to keep the family together.  We just had a respite and my wife and I only went to the grocery store.  It was very pleasant and we didn’t have a persistent child asking for everything he sees.

What do I hope for 2010?  Well I hope to deepen my relationship with Christ and my friends and family.  I want to do whatever God want’s me to do and I feel he’s wanting me to get more involved at Church.  I also feel he’s telling me I need to focus on my family.  I still intend to do all of the other things that I currently do, but God and family all come before podcasting, blogging and work.

I also hope to get back in to ham radio a little.  At least firing up my rig a couple times a month.  Get active and make sure everything works.  You never know when the next Haitian earthquake or Hurricane Katrina happens.  I need to be ready.

Hear is hoping that you all have a great 2010!

January 18, 2010 at 9:53 am

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