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SELF 2010 is Going to be Awesome

Friends of the penguin are gathering again.  This time in Spartanburg, SC and I will be heading south to attend!

This is only the second year of the Southeast Linuxfest.  Last year, their first year, they only planned for about 100 people to show up.  Over 400 people showed up which is simply amazing to me.  Dave Yates, my friend and producer of the Linux User oggcast has done a phenomenal job and i am so looking forward to this show.

What I do want from the few people who read this blog is where in Spartansburg can I get some Carolina BBQ! 😀


May 8, 2010 at 10:35 am 2 comments

LUGRadio Ending After 5 Seasons

Say it isn’t so!  After LUGRadio LIVE in the UK, the blokes at LUGRadio are hanging up thier microphones for good.  For details, listen to the latest LUGRadio.

June 30, 2008 at 9:41 am

Long podcasts….

I might have to use Linc’s Technic for speeding up my podcasts. I listen to at least 3 show sthat will be over 1 hour and some that are over 2 hours. Shows like, well, The Linux Linc Tech Show (well I listen to the stream), Otaku Generation(the longest….sometimes as long as 3 hours) and LUGRadio which is usually around an hour and a half. It also seems that Wednesday is the day for all of these shows to come out which means I usually don’t finish the podcast playlist buy the end of the day! Lots of stuff to listen to. Anyway, I love all of these shows and they have been on my podroll since the beginning, almost.

Then comes the next subject….what is the perfect length for a podcast? I think there is none. Some shows are great at only 20 minutes long while others (Otaku Generation) are a show that maks me laugh the entire 2:30 hours!

So, if your thinking about starting a podcast and are afraid about blathering on endlessly, make sure your blather is interesting….like these 3 excellent long shows!

Oh and as Linc would say, TLLTS is NOT A PODCAST! It’s a radio show….that just happens to make their content available as a podcast…..whatever Linc! It works either way.

Oh and we’ll see you in IRC tonight buddy….

September 12, 2007 at 7:46 am

ISG and Ardour GTK

I have started a new podcast called The Incredible Shrinking Geek  on podshow.  This show will kind of chronicle my weight loss program of sorts as well as provide people with hints on how I got around things like eating out and more.  It’s located at:

Anyway, as I want to always have the ability to record this show, I decided to use Ardour as the editor.  Ardour runs on Linux and is a full Digital Audio Workstation.  It can also record multi tracks as well.  It’s a bit complicated but it does work.  It uses another program called JackD which is a audio server on steroids.  It can handle working in realtime if your kernel supports it.  Anyway, take a listen to the show and try Ardour if you want something better then Audacity.

June 26, 2007 at 8:40 pm

Win Podcast Gear!

Click on this link to find ou thow you can win some cool podcasting gear!

June 24, 2007 at 10:31 pm 2 comments

Adam Likes the N800

I was listening to today’s Daily Source Code and Nokia apparantly gave Adam Curry as a gift a new Nokia N800.  While Patricia and Christina don’t necessarily like it, Adam does and he says screw the iPhone and let’s do something like this.  Build better stuff on Open Source and Apple Inc. will have to open up more.

If you are buried under a rock and have not listened to the Daily Source Code, listen to today’s show and then subscribe!

January 15, 2007 at 12:00 pm

My Opinion on Apple’s Jobsnote….

Now that Apple’s released em, I am going to post my inital Opinion on each:

Apple iPhone

Sleek Design.  Very nice looking.  I totally disagree with not including a keypad or a stylus.  All of that pressing on the screen is going to leave greasy goobers all over that beautiful screen.  PLUS they could have put Inkwell on it and had a Newton reborn.  Anyway, the two finger navigation is kind of intresting and we all saw the Demo from TED.  That’s almost exactly what this is.  Anyway, the network choice is lousy.  Cingular sucks.  They’d have been better off going with Verizon or Sprint.  Only EDGE and WiFi??  Not even HSDPA.  If they’d have gone the CDMA route, they’d have EVDO in the handset and then it would be great.  Why do you need  broadband?  Because with 8 gig max, you ain’t going to have a whole lot of Video on it so that means streaming.

Airport Extreme

Nice update.  Easy to see why they skipped it.  Even though 802.11N isn’t final just yet, it’s going to be soon and you’ll need this to stream highdef to your Apple TV.

Apple TV

A good idea, but I think they’d have been better off with just building it on top of the Mac Mini.  The price would have been higher, but then you’d have a bigger hard disk.  40 gig ain’t a whole lot anymore.  I’ll probably get one once I get a HDTV.  If I can hook it up to my regular old school TV then I’d go for it now.

In another blog, they mentioned this was the greatest keynote ever.  While it had some nice products,they are not THAT revolutionary.  No 8 core MacPro’s??  Maybe they are coming out later this week….

January 9, 2007 at 3:24 pm

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