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FAST Internet!

Yesterday we were about to leave the house when the cable company called promoting the new Roadrunner Turbo or Roadrunner Premium service. They said I’d get 15 Mbps down, 1 Mpbs up and that I could have that for an additional 9.99 a month. I looked at the wife and told her it would be 3 times faster and she kind of gave me the ok when the lady on the phone told me we could downgrade it at any time AND noone would have to come out. Basically all that had to be done was leave the cable modem unplugged for 20 minutes or so so I unplugged it before going shopping and when we got back, I plugged it in and BAM! Bandwidth….SWEET bandwidth!

Gmail works like a DESKTOP application. Podcasts come screaming down to my Mac and I can download a Linux CD iso in less then an hour. This is AWESOME and worth EVERY penny.

Now if Verizon finally gets FiOS in my area, I may switch, but I would have to think about it….this 15 Mbps is a WORLD of difference. It’s almost, but not quite, like when I upgraded from regular dial up.

UPDATE: WordPress blog posts are fast too! 🙂


September 2, 2007 at 9:41 am

Hildon in Higher Then 800×480

Internet Tablet Talk has a story about the Hildon API running on a laptop!  This means hildon will scale to resolutions larger then the Nokia 770 and N800 Internet Tablets.  This also COULD man a OLPC type device.

What’s Hildon?  It’s the UI that the Nokia internet tablets use with thier Maemo install.  It’s a nice UI and it seems to be easy to understand to me anyway.

February 9, 2007 at 6:21 pm 1 comment

Nokia N800 Now Official

The Nokia N800 is now official with the Nokia website, being updated.  This is a great device and I am looking forward to getting one. Or, if Nokia wants, they can send me one and I will review it here! 😉

Anyway, the N800 has some important things that can definitely help move things forward a bit.  The extra CPU power is awesome, the memory updates needed but I see one thing that will stop some people from buying it.  One thing with mobile tech is that people like to take them with them and that includes to work.  The only issue is the device has a camera integrated.  Some workplaces, not mine, but some workplaces will not allow this because it’s a security risk and this brings up my one beef.  According to the maemo website, IT2007 isn’t supported on the 770 yet and this leaves 770 owners and those who go with the 770 to avoid the camera issue left behind support wise.  There’s supposed to be a update soon, but that’s only taking the 770 to Maemo 2.2.  Will this update include the new Opera 8 browser and Flash 7?  If it did, I could then use it on YouTube.  As it stands now, it’s not possible.

January 8, 2007 at 1:34 pm 1 comment

Ok Roadrunner Sucks!

Dang gone! Doesn’t Road runner know it’s tech show night? What is it with this world that it keep pissing me off this week? The IRC and the stream is not resolving…..:P

Merry effin Christmas

December 20, 2006 at 8:40 pm

Management Linux Fears…

If your my friend, and lots of you that read this are (all 2 of you), you know I love Linux and Open Source software. I have been using it for a long time and I wish it was exclusive use, but vagaries on the job prevent this from happening. Anyway, I recently was given a new Lenovo T60 Thinkpad for my work laptop. Once it got to my hands, I proceeded to do as I always have and resize my partition with Edgy’s installer and installed Ubuntu Edgy. As always, Ubuntu recognized everything on the fly and just frickin flew on this machine. I always talk about Linux when the subject comes up or when I find something that works real well with it and told my boss how well the new machine worked with it. Then the questions came….does anyone else know how to do this, is there anything PC Network support can do to make recovery easier for you….what happens if it doesn’t work….etc. Well, what he did not know is I DO have it dual boot and always do and I already talked to PC network support and in general, they are ok with it. In the last year, I have maybe called PC/Network support maybe 3 times and most of this was miscellaneous hardware failures (all covered under warantee). NEVER had a issue with the warantee support and if the hard drive goes belly up, I told him whatever they do to get it back to Windows only is 100 percent FINE by me. Luckily, he bought it.

Now I have assuaded the fears, but what if this happens to you when you try to use the tools you want/need/like to use? Well, try working through it like I did. Unlike most people, I don’t need support 99.9 percent of the time. Point that out to your boss. Rest assured, when I call support, it’s broke. It needs fixed and it’s not the software that did it.

Then I would also present a scenario like this….what if Microsoft updated the Windows Kernel and broke a device driver? Can’t happen? Well, you’d be wrong. The best thing with Linux is when something like this happens, it has likely happened to someone else as well and you can find a fix.

Installation time on my Ubuntu install took LESS time then my Windows setup. Now I did not even have to install Windows, but I did have to install all of the apps I use that are not on the default image. After instaling Windows updates and applications, I had about 2 hours into it thanks to the reboots some of this stuff requires. In Linux, if I wanted to install a new version of Open Office, I can and I don’t have to reboot. Try that with Microsoft Office!

Also, the more I am in the Windows world at work, the more I see some IT “policy” created as a bandaid for a bad OS. Windows is ridden with holes as big as a Mac truck and alot of this is all for the sake of making it easier for the user. Sometimes the holes are made worse because PC support reps want to be able to find out what the issue is when people aren’t around so they don’t use Windows user accounts. They also make bad decisions about giving users administrative rights. Virus scanners, spyware scanners and more are all because Windows and Windows Admin training itself is just broken.

Lastly, I did this thing that it amazes me more “tech savvy” don’t do….I learned to use the tool! If something breaks, I Google it. My first thing I do when something on Linux breaks is scour the Internet for the answer. Some people treat thier computers like cars. I don’t. I don’t like to have to pay to get this cool new piece of software. Am I against paying for software? No, but it amazes me what some developers out there will ask for simple programs that don’t hardly do anything.

It’s all just FUD. Now all you have to do is master the art of persuasion. Show your boss how good Linux is and how efficient you can be using it and then just maybe the Microsoft wool will be pulled from his eyes.

December 20, 2006 at 3:11 pm

Nokia 770: The Best Linux PDA. Period.

Over the weekend I just purchases a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. This runs on TI’s OMAP processor and runs a form of Debian Linux called Maemo. So far I have not found anything I can’t do with it yet that I wanted to do. I am waiting on my 2 GIG RS-MMC card from Amazon to get here before I really start to do things like watch video or listen to OGG’s on it. I’ll post neat things I find on the web here as well as I learn about using this new and intresting hardware platform. I think Nokia has a winner here and in a few years see this as being succesful. Nokia’s already hard at work on the sequal to this device, the Nokia 870. The 870 is reported to have switched from RS-MMC to MiniSD (thank you Nokia) and also has 2 of these MiniSD slots! One is internal (near the battery) and the other is externally acessible. This tells me that if it ships with a card, you will likely have it already loaded and it will be used for the swap file either in a swap partition or possibly just a swap file. Anyway, I am looking forward to this device.

I showed a geek accountant (is there such a thing??) my 770 and she was drooling and saying she wanted one! 😀 Anyway….stay tuned to the blog. More to follow!

December 19, 2006 at 8:53 pm

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