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iPod Hash Defeated

For those who don’t know, the new iPods all would not work initially with Linux.  The reason is the iPod checks for a hash that is written by iTunes to the iPod.  If the hash isn’t there, even id the files and the iTunes DB on the iPod are in the correct format, the iPod will show no music on it.  Well, the inventive hackers have found a way:

“iPod Classic Will Be Supported – Amarok Blog
correct” solution is for folks to stop using Apple products. The iPod might have its own version of DAAP’s iTunes 7 which has a checksum more difficult (apparently) to crack. But for the time being, things are fine.”

Some say that the solution to avoid this is to not buy iPods, however I have yet to find a mp3 player that does not have a horrible interface.  The interfaces sometime let you do too much where the iPod only let’s you do what you need when your using the player.  The only thing I wish iPod’s would do is let me delete a file from the iPod.  Other then that, I am happy with it.  The other thing is integration.  As I listen to music and podcasts on it, it keeps track and when I plug in to iTunes, it will  update the play counts.  Also, iTunes has smart play lists.  I can create a playlist that changes on a daily basis and it will automatically change things.  I have a play list that has only unheard podcasts in it. I also have one I use each holiday season that looks to see if the song has been played in the last year and once I play everything once, it goes away and I don’t hear the song again until I change the date on the playlist.  There’s so many ways why I like the iPod.  Sure it doesn’t play oggs, but I frankly don’t care.  Until someone makes a MP3 Player that is as good with the interface and integration as the iPod, Apple will continue to rule the market.

If the Linux zealots figure that out, then they too can do what Apple has done.  To be a success, here’s what’s needed:

  1.  Same or better interface as a iPod.
  2. Total integration.  When something is played on the iPod, it should also update the counts when it is synced back up to the desktop.
  3. iTMS support isn’t possible.  How about doing what Amarok has done and integrate Magnatune?
  4. Support MP3, WAV, Unprotected AAC and possibly Unprotected WMA(but that may not be possible).  OGG support is ok too as well as FLAC.  For video, support non protected iPod video and Xvid.  Also, H.264 should be supported as well.  Sure, add Theora in there too.

If open source can’t do this, then Apple will continue to rule the space.  Don’t bitch about Apple, start trying to be BETTER then them!  Think different for once!  (wait, isn’t that what Apple has done??)


September 17, 2007 at 10:04 am 5 comments

What WAS AT&T Thinkin?

This is iPhone related, but it’s NOT Apple’s fault.  AT&T has detailed paper billing and when I mean detailed, it’s DETAILED!  You have unlimited data…..WHY are you detailing every time you access the network?  Unlimited SMS, why are you doing that?  Unlimited nights and weekends….why are you printing every call?  Well, AT&T does and it resulted in a 300+ page bill for social butterfly, Justine.  Read and watch it here!

August 14, 2007 at 11:24 am

Apple Silently Starting to DROP PowerPC Platforms

This week Steve Job’s announced the new iMacs, iLife ’08 and iWork ’08.  Well, the one thing that I don’t seem to remember seeing until people who still have a dual G5 1.8GHz iMac or a G4 Powerbook ran out, bought it and then discovered it’s hard coded to only run on the G5 1.9 Ghz and of course the Intel based Macs.

This, I feel, is a bit too early to do it.  Also, even though there is a big push to go “HD” there are MANY of us who have yet to take the jump.  With that said, I feel there’s still a large need to edit standard definition video.  High Definition is nice looking and all, but some things like family events don’t necessarily need to be filmed in HD.  Also, a 1.0 GHz or higher CPU CAN edit video and play video very well.  I should know…I do it.  Granted, I don’t do HD, but I still do some standard def every once in a while.

What this all boils down to is a artificial limitation.   Apple has put a artificial limitation on the software because they seem to be ready to leave the G4 and G5 owners in the dust.  Even those who bought their G4 Powerbook a month before the Intel MacBook’s came out.  The G4 itself is still a very capable processor and my Powerbook is still pretty speedy.

Yes, rendering is a bitch on my G4, but it works.  It’s slow, but it works fine.  I just start the render before bed and it’s usually done by the morning.

I am sure glad Linux does not put these limitations in…AT ALL.  Don’t believe me?  Try it.  Get a Ubuntu CD and install it on a 800 MHz machine.  Yep….it works.  Might be a bit slow, but it works.  The FOSS community DOES NOT put artificial limitations in their software.  They let US make the decision if we want a unresponsive machine.

Gee, thanks Steve.  Thanks for thinking I am a moron.

August 9, 2007 at 11:11 am

New iMac

New iMac

Originally uploaded by iFreek

Metal mac…..NICE. I have to say the new iMac is very nice looking….at least it isn’t white. I saw on the web someone say that this looks “70’s” retro. Uh, I lived in the 70’s….it should have wood grain on it to be 70’s retro.

August 7, 2007 at 9:23 pm

New Apple keyboard?

New Apple keyboard?

Originally uploaded by milesdowsett

I like it! It’s nice and purdy as my Pal Linc would say! 😀

July 27, 2007 at 12:02 pm


YES!  I was able to bring the iPod back alive.  All of my stuff synced over and I was able to listen to a podcast on it.  Now, Apple….friggin fix the firmware!  A device should not loose it’s marbles like this.

April 13, 2007 at 6:59 am

MRI Today and a Resusitated iPod…crossing fingers

Hey everyone.  My MRI is in a few hours.  I am already into my fasting stage.  I am not allowed anything but water.  Oh well.  To top it all, I was watching a moive on my iPod and everything was working fine.  I did drift off to sleep and the iPod sort of lost it’s marbles.  I fiddled with it for a while and managed to get it in disk mode AND get it mounted on my Mac.  I restored to factory settings and it’s now syncing all of my stuff back over.  I know Patrick Davila from the tech show doesn’t like Apple anything and Dann’s not too keen on them anymore either, I love my iPods.  I have a first gen 1 Gig Shuffle and a 5th G (not the 5.5) Video iPod and this is the one that was acting kooky.  I hope that this restore fixes it.  I do not want to go without a iPod ever.  I’d even sell my Nokia 770 as I love the whole interaction that iTunes and the iPod has.  It works for me, and ultimately, this is why I got them.  I got to start saving up for a new one.  Thankfully it’s alot cheaper then when I got either iPod.

April 12, 2007 at 11:59 pm

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