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Where’s the Decency Anymore?

Well, yesterday was the Fourth of July and I had the day off.  It was fun and I got some things done around the house but Tuesday night I did watch Red, White and Boom on TV as well as walked down there before doing some after hours work Tuesday night.  The Grand Finale of Red, White and Boom was the Marathon Oil Grande Finale and I was like what the heck??  This is a Fourth of July celebration and I do realize that thigns have to be paid for but must every single part of a city celebration or a sports event’s TV coverage be fore sale?

In NASCAR, you have the Pepsi run down constantly scrolling where racers are in the race and a big fat Pepsi Logo to the left of it bigger then the names in the scroll.  You have the Discover Card Countdown to Green.  You have the AFLAC trivia question and you have the Pepsi 400 (it’s Firecracker 400 and it’s supposed to be on the 4th!).

Marketing is the cause of all of this.  I am taking a marketing course this quarter and I am going at it extremely tongue and cheek.  My thing is if the sponsor can’t take the back seat with a few logos here and there or maybe saying that their brand is the only thing you can buy at the Ohio State Fair (it is) then that should be enough.  More and more marketing is ruining sporting events and community events.

Sponsors….cities and communities need your money, but please reconsider crass marketing and tagging your name to every little thing around an event.  Be a part of the community by being a part.  Not a wart.

Event organizers…..have some respect and DON’T offer every part of a community celebration for sale.  Remember, a lot of people gave up their lives so you can remain free to make money hand over fist.


July 5, 2007 at 1:51 pm

Happy 4th of July

The fourth of July is a day we need to all set aside our petty differences and come together as a nation and realize what we indeed have….our freedom.  I want to thank every man and woman who have served this past year in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Thank you for our freedom that we so take for granted today.

If you know a man or woman who have served our great nation, please shake their hand and tell them thank you.

Happy Birthday America….My Home Sweet Home.

July 3, 2007 at 9:12 pm

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