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TSA Stupidity Goes UP AGAIN!

As most of the 10 people that read this blog know, I am a CPAP user. Well I was surfing around and came across some new TSA rules. The rules state I MUST remove my machine from the case and put it in a bin ala my laptop. Excuse me TSA…I BREATH at night with this machine! I don’t want to put it in the bin where some thousands of pairs of SHOES go into every day! I protest this stupidity! CPAPS are detectable via XRAY. In fact the first time I traveled, both times the TSA agent spotted it, took it over and ran the swab test on it and returned it. I did not have to take it out of the case and he ran the test without need of taking it out. This is a MEDICAL DEVICE!

Can I now take one gallon of distilled water too if I label it for medical use? I need that water to use it and sometimes it’s a pain. I would like to take it with me but never do because of TSA.

Waiting for the day they want us to check everything and strip our clothes and travel naked!


August 17, 2007 at 10:12 pm 2 comments

Coveted Seating Group A!

Anyone who has ever flown on Southwest airlines knows that you can check in 24 hours ahead of time and obtain the coveted Group A seating. You see, Southwest does not have assigned seating unlike most airlines. They have three seating groups: A, B and C. After the people who need extra time seating which is usually a small amount, Group A gets to board the plane first and select the seats they want. W00t!

I usually will select seats near the front of the plane and by a window so I can take cool pictures. This also let’s me out of the plane FIRST! 😀

June 9, 2007 at 1:41 pm

CYA Security

As I will be battling with airport security as my new training stint happens, I have to have in mind Bruce Schneier’s Wired article regarding the ineffectual security that our government has foisted upon us.  Things like nonsensical liquid bans and more.

What this all boils down to is politicians and a populace who actually believe that they can prevent the next 9/11.  The thing is that a determined enemy can attack at will.  Laws banning liquids will only make the terrorists try another vector.  We are still taking our shoes off in security because of one guy who UNSUCESSFULLY tried to use a shoe bomb.

One thing that surprised me in my visit to Chi-Town was how easy would it be to smuggle a bomb into the subway.  Except a short time where they inspected bags in other citys, I have never seen any security on public transit in Chicago, DC or here in Columbus.   Even then, how easy would it be to walk along the tracks and plant something when the trains are not running?

February 23, 2007 at 1:21 am

Exhausting Week…

It’s been one of those exhausting weeks that just takes all of the energy out of ya.  Hopefully my trip to Chicago will be a safe and good one.

Things I am looking forward to in Chicago:

  1. Chicago Style Hot Dogs
  2. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
  3. The Sear’s Tower

Things I am not looking forward to:

  1. Typical Chicago Weather
  2. TSA Security
  3. Airliner crammed full of crabby people.

Anyway, hopefully I have a non-eventful week.

February 9, 2007 at 6:03 pm

My Opinion on Apple’s Jobsnote….

Now that Apple’s released em, I am going to post my inital Opinion on each:

Apple iPhone

Sleek Design.  Very nice looking.  I totally disagree with not including a keypad or a stylus.  All of that pressing on the screen is going to leave greasy goobers all over that beautiful screen.  PLUS they could have put Inkwell on it and had a Newton reborn.  Anyway, the two finger navigation is kind of intresting and we all saw the Demo from TED.  That’s almost exactly what this is.  Anyway, the network choice is lousy.  Cingular sucks.  They’d have been better off going with Verizon or Sprint.  Only EDGE and WiFi??  Not even HSDPA.  If they’d have gone the CDMA route, they’d have EVDO in the handset and then it would be great.  Why do you need  broadband?  Because with 8 gig max, you ain’t going to have a whole lot of Video on it so that means streaming.

Airport Extreme

Nice update.  Easy to see why they skipped it.  Even though 802.11N isn’t final just yet, it’s going to be soon and you’ll need this to stream highdef to your Apple TV.

Apple TV

A good idea, but I think they’d have been better off with just building it on top of the Mac Mini.  The price would have been higher, but then you’d have a bigger hard disk.  40 gig ain’t a whole lot anymore.  I’ll probably get one once I get a HDTV.  If I can hook it up to my regular old school TV then I’d go for it now.

In another blog, they mentioned this was the greatest keynote ever.  While it had some nice products,they are not THAT revolutionary.  No 8 core MacPro’s??  Maybe they are coming out later this week….

January 9, 2007 at 3:24 pm

Apple Releases Apple TV and iPhone (in June)

Apple Inc (now Renamed) has brought out the new Apple TV which is a set top box that allows you to view anything in iTunes on your TV.  Movies, Photos and more on your TV.  Includes a 40 GB hard disk, HDMI and more.  Check out Apple TV.

Either I missed it in the Keynote, or they didn’t think it was a big deal, but Apple also brought out a new Airport Extreme Access Point that supports the new 802.22N draft.  Check out Airport Extreme.

Also, in 6 months on Cingular Apple’s iPhone will be released.  Available at the Apple Store or Cingular stores, the iPhone is a iPod smushed together with a smart phone and it runs Mac OS X.  Check out the iPhone.

Of these, I am more itnrested in the Apple TV box.   All of my stuff, music and video will fit on this but one thing….does it support old school TV’s like mine?  Might be a few more months until I get a HDTV.

All in all some intresting things.  One thing that surprised me a little was that they did not announce new 8 Core MacPros now that the Quad Core part is out from Intel.  We’ll see.  They will happen.

Oh and Apple, if you want a review, just send me one ‘mkay??  😉

January 9, 2007 at 2:56 pm

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