Radical Read Along Chapter 3 – Losing Ourselves

September 28, 2010 at 2:02 pm 1 comment

I was enthralled with this weeks reading just like all of the others, but I think the reason why I was enthralled is God wanted me to be alert for something that required a radical change in my schedule and in myself.  What I am talking about is an experience that I will share below:

Sunday morning, I was in my normal routine except I did make a couple changes already.  I had decided to wake up a bit earlier than I did to go for a run.  This was my first run in a long time.  I prayed to God to get me through this radical physical effort that I was about to undergo that morning.  I threw on the headphones with some worship music and fired up the C25K program on my phone.  God got me through the run, but the big change was yet to come.

I was resting after my run and reading a little e-mail whilst sipping away on a cup of coffee.  Church didn’t start for a couple hours yet.  As I was sitting there, my phone received a text message.  It was from the lady who runs the children’s ministry.  She needed help running things that day.   Now, it’s definitely not something that I normally do on a Sunday.  In fact, it’s not something I really ever imagined myself doing.  I was totally unprepared, or at least I felt that way.  So, I did what we all should do and got down on my knees and started to pray.  I asked God if he wanted me to do this?  As I prayed, my mind was flooded with how many times I was asked by her to help and wasn’t able to because of, well, my own selfishness.   I thought, what if I denied myself from serving God?  Would it be going in the right direction?  Would it be what he wanted??  God gave me the answer and said go help her.

So I finished getting dressed, and I went to Church like I normally would and did what I could.  It didn’t take hardly any effort at all and I saw God working on the hearts of these kids!  They need him as much as I do!  One child needed him more.  He was just acting up and used words that aren’t very Christian like.  So the staff basically had him stand next to me and I monitored him the rest of the service.  By the end of sunday school, he was answering the questions that the other adult in the room was asking!  He was actively engaged in the story and was listening.  God was working.

After the service, I was talking with a friend and the senior pastor about the service she helped with last week.  I had come to find out that the children’s pastor may have to leave and he was asking for help.  Now I am not called to lead the sunday school, but at that instant I thought to earlier in the week.  I brought Luke with me to Wednesday night small groups.  There were no kids anywhere to be found.  I came to find out that there was nothing for him to do.  Nothing at all.  Luckily he had his DS with him so he played some games in the corner while my small group had their session.  That should have been the lightbulb I had needed, but no I didn’t see it then.  I thought about it, but then that thought went away.  It took God and that little text message to bring up all of the message that he had been leaving for me all along.  GET INVOLVED with the children’s ministry!  I was denying myself the opportunity to see God at work with these kids.  Heck I even got value out of the story they told that day about David and Goliath.  Boy was I humbled by the whole day!

So, this is what being radical means?  Stepping out of my comfort zone and helping kids learn all about God?  Is it what he wants for me?  I think so, but I am praying and praying and I really want to make sure that this is God’s will.  I want this to be for God and not for me!

I will be talking who I need to talk to.  I want to get involved even if it’s just for my son’s last year in the Children’s ministry.  Even if all I do is lead a children’s group on Wednesday, I want to do something and I don’t want it to satisfy my Pastor or the current children’s pastor.  I want to do it for God!  To do that, I have to lose myself.  I have to be a big kid at times and be willing to bring myself down to their levels.  I have to stop thinking about being cool and worrying about how I look to the other adults and concentrate on these kids who so desperately need Him and need Him as much as I do!


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  • 1. Melissa  |  September 30, 2010 at 10:55 am

    That is great that God is showing you ways to serve Him in your local church!

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