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iPod Hash Defeated

For those who don’t know, the new iPods all would not work initially with Linux.  The reason is the iPod checks for a hash that is written by iTunes to the iPod.  If the hash isn’t there, even id the files and the iTunes DB on the iPod are in the correct format, the iPod will show no music on it.  Well, the inventive hackers have found a way:

“iPod Classic Will Be Supported – Amarok Blog
correct” solution is for folks to stop using Apple products. The iPod might have its own version of DAAP’s iTunes 7 which has a checksum more difficult (apparently) to crack. But for the time being, things are fine.”

Some say that the solution to avoid this is to not buy iPods, however I have yet to find a mp3 player that does not have a horrible interface.  The interfaces sometime let you do too much where the iPod only let’s you do what you need when your using the player.  The only thing I wish iPod’s would do is let me delete a file from the iPod.  Other then that, I am happy with it.  The other thing is integration.  As I listen to music and podcasts on it, it keeps track and when I plug in to iTunes, it will  update the play counts.  Also, iTunes has smart play lists.  I can create a playlist that changes on a daily basis and it will automatically change things.  I have a play list that has only unheard podcasts in it. I also have one I use each holiday season that looks to see if the song has been played in the last year and once I play everything once, it goes away and I don’t hear the song again until I change the date on the playlist.  There’s so many ways why I like the iPod.  Sure it doesn’t play oggs, but I frankly don’t care.  Until someone makes a MP3 Player that is as good with the interface and integration as the iPod, Apple will continue to rule the market.

If the Linux zealots figure that out, then they too can do what Apple has done.  To be a success, here’s what’s needed:

  1.  Same or better interface as a iPod.
  2. Total integration.  When something is played on the iPod, it should also update the counts when it is synced back up to the desktop.
  3. iTMS support isn’t possible.  How about doing what Amarok has done and integrate Magnatune?
  4. Support MP3, WAV, Unprotected AAC and possibly Unprotected WMA(but that may not be possible).  OGG support is ok too as well as FLAC.  For video, support non protected iPod video and Xvid.  Also, H.264 should be supported as well.  Sure, add Theora in there too.

If open source can’t do this, then Apple will continue to rule the space.  Don’t bitch about Apple, start trying to be BETTER then them!  Think different for once!  (wait, isn’t that what Apple has done??)


September 17, 2007 at 10:04 am 5 comments

Another flyer reportedly dressed down by Southwest – Sep. 13, 2007

Another flyer reportedly dressed down by Southwest – Sep. 13, 2007

Let me ask you this Southwest Airlines…do you realize in the US we have something called freedom of speech and dress can be a form of that?  I have seen pics of both of these people and neither were offensive.

If you got a problem with it, stick it…..I’ll never fly you again on MY dollar.

I can see it if someone is naked or if every person on the plane complained about it, but 99.9 percent of the time, that won’t be the case.  Lighten up on these women.  There’s NOTHING offensive about cleavage to 99.9 percent of us.  If someone has a problem with it, they don’t have to look.

September 13, 2007 at 11:36 am 2 comments

Slashdot | Richard Stallman Proclaims Don’t follow Linus Torvalds

Slashdot | Richard Stallman Proclaims Don’t follow Linus Torvalds

This confirms it….Richard Stallman is a LOON!   I guess I hate freedom because I think Linus is/was a genius!

September 12, 2007 at 8:41 am

Thank You.

NASCAR.COM – Cross’ Words: Never forget – Sep 11, 2007

Read this article yesterday about 9/11.  Bare with it, there’s alot of NASCAR stuff in it, but I wanted to post this as I want everyone to realize just how much the world has changed since 9/11.

In 2001, my son was 2.  In 2001, I was a Mainframe Operator.  In 2001, I weighed alot more then I do now.  In 2001, I was alot more free then I am now.

Is all of the extra security worth losing our freedoms?  Is all of this extra security making us safer?  I think not.

September 12, 2007 at 8:38 am

Long podcasts….

I might have to use Linc’s Technic for speeding up my podcasts. I listen to at least 3 show sthat will be over 1 hour and some that are over 2 hours. Shows like, well, The Linux Linc Tech Show (well I listen to the stream), Otaku Generation(the longest….sometimes as long as 3 hours) and LUGRadio which is usually around an hour and a half. It also seems that Wednesday is the day for all of these shows to come out which means I usually don’t finish the podcast playlist buy the end of the day! Lots of stuff to listen to. Anyway, I love all of these shows and they have been on my podroll since the beginning, almost.

Then comes the next subject….what is the perfect length for a podcast? I think there is none. Some shows are great at only 20 minutes long while others (Otaku Generation) are a show that maks me laugh the entire 2:30 hours!

So, if your thinking about starting a podcast and are afraid about blathering on endlessly, make sure your blather is interesting….like these 3 excellent long shows!

Oh and as Linc would say, TLLTS is NOT A PODCAST! It’s a radio show….that just happens to make their content available as a podcast…..whatever Linc! It works either way.

Oh and we’ll see you in IRC tonight buddy….

September 12, 2007 at 7:46 am

Blah…..OSU Football and Big Ten Network and Other Crap

As we all know, it’s football season.  Well, this is the second week in a row I can’t watch my Buckeyes!  Big Ten network still hasn’t finished the negotiations.  So unless I find a cheap place to go that isn’t a bar, well I have to listen to the radio.   At least next week I can see it.

Also, who wants to bet that now that the AP has let schools not in Bowl Football into the rankings that Appalachian  State will be in the top 25 if not the top ten?

September 7, 2007 at 10:03 am 1 comment

FAST Internet!

Yesterday we were about to leave the house when the cable company called promoting the new Roadrunner Turbo or Roadrunner Premium service. They said I’d get 15 Mbps down, 1 Mpbs up and that I could have that for an additional 9.99 a month. I looked at the wife and told her it would be 3 times faster and she kind of gave me the ok when the lady on the phone told me we could downgrade it at any time AND noone would have to come out. Basically all that had to be done was leave the cable modem unplugged for 20 minutes or so so I unplugged it before going shopping and when we got back, I plugged it in and BAM! Bandwidth….SWEET bandwidth!

Gmail works like a DESKTOP application. Podcasts come screaming down to my Mac and I can download a Linux CD iso in less then an hour. This is AWESOME and worth EVERY penny.

Now if Verizon finally gets FiOS in my area, I may switch, but I would have to think about it….this 15 Mbps is a WORLD of difference. It’s almost, but not quite, like when I upgraded from regular dial up.

UPDATE: WordPress blog posts are fast too! 🙂

September 2, 2007 at 9:41 am

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