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Could Dale Jr. Race the 3 in 2008??

I may be totally off the mark here, but since the news story broke last week that DEI, well, actually Teresa wants to keep the 8. The fact is, noone else will want to drive or sponsor that number.  It belongs to a TRUE Earnhardt by name, not by marriage.  Teresa would not have been a Earnhardt if it wasn’t for Jr’s dad.   ANYWAY, back to what I think:

I think Dale Jr will race the 3 car next year for Hendrick.  Yes, Jr said he would not want to racethat number right now.  Things change.  How ironic would it be that RCR releases the 3 and then gives it to Jr and he kicks DEI’s butt in a Hendrick car?  Hendrick has a much more professional organization then DEI pre or post Ginn merger.  Hendrick is truly in it to win it.  DEI is in it because Dale Sr. was.  DEI’s prime existence right now is to sell the Dale Earnhardt image.  If I remember right, Teresa still makes money from all of the 3 hats and more that they STILL sell even 6 years after Dale died.

Call me crazy, but since the number Dale Jr. wanted to race under, the 8, is not his anymore, maybe he will reconsider….and get the 3 from RCR.  The thing is, Richard would GIVE it to Jr and Hendrick likely with no questions asked.

Like the 8, the 3 should be raced only by a Earnhardt and I can’t think of anyone else who would want to race either of these numbers.


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