TSA Stupidity Goes UP AGAIN!

August 17, 2007 at 10:12 pm 2 comments

As most of the 10 people that read this blog know, I am a CPAP user. Well I was surfing around and came across some new TSA rules. The rules state I MUST remove my machine from the case and put it in a bin ala my laptop. Excuse me TSA…I BREATH at night with this machine! I don’t want to put it in the bin where some thousands of pairs of SHOES go into every day! I protest this stupidity! CPAPS are detectable via XRAY. In fact the first time I traveled, both times the TSA agent spotted it, took it over and ran the swab test on it and returned it. I did not have to take it out of the case and he ran the test without need of taking it out. This is a MEDICAL DEVICE!

Can I now take one gallon of distilled water too if I label it for medical use? I need that water to use it and sometimes it’s a pain. I would like to take it with me but never do because of TSA.

Waiting for the day they want us to check everything and strip our clothes and travel naked!


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  • 1. Rolande  |  August 19, 2007 at 2:42 am

    Rules are rules for the benefit of the majority.

    I suggets that you keep your medical device away from contamination by putting it in a clear plastic bag with your shoes on top.
    Computers can be x-rayed too, but I don’t want to travel on the same plane as someone who has put plastic explosive in their computer or medical device carry-on-bag.

    Long may your CPAP keep working.

  • 2. gorkon  |  August 19, 2007 at 11:26 am

    My CPAP is already in a bag and notice I didn’t say NOT to screen it. It’s not the screening I object to. It’s the fact you have to UNPACK it from the bag AND put it into a bin that has who knows what in it. They HAVE been swabbing it and screening it thus far at almost every airport I have been to with it. That should be sufficient. One should not have to take it out of the bag.

    My point is this is NOT improving “security”. It’s a pointless exercise that is put on to make people like you feel better.

    Rules like this do not benefit the majority in anyway. If a terrorist wants to blow a plane up, they will do it in a way that can sneak through every pointless exercise that TSA puts forth. Criminals are criminals because they don’t think like a law abiding citizen.

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