What is it with today’s marketers and companies??

July 15, 2007 at 5:04 pm

 For those who do not know, I watch NASCAR races every Sunday or Saturday. Last week during the Firecracker 400 (Otherwise known as the Pepsi 400….) they intro’d Wide Open Coverage. This is similar to the split screen TBS used in the past, but the ad space was a bit smaller and the race portion was bigger. It was nice. You could always watch the race action. Well, that was a one week trial. It’s ba ck to showing 5 laps of racing then missing 10 laps due to commercials. Let alone every inch of screen real estate is used to sell things like FedEx Shipping, Discover Cards, Pepsi and Gillete.

Why is this a big deal? Well, unlike slower sports like football and baseball, there’s no timeout for commercials. The action is always happening even during caution periods. You have pit stops that happen at every caution flag and there’s always something that can happen in the pits while this is happening. Oh and I left one thing out…..this is a CABLE channel showing the RACE! I PAY FOR IT!

This insistence of marketing stuff too you doesn’t end with cable sporting events. It also happens on your cellphone. Verizion has a handy, but crappy web browser on their cellphone but you are kind of stuck with what the ole VZW will let you see. There’s a interesting service that does train schedules called iMetro and even though the web page works in a regular browser, the phone’s browser will 404 it because your going through VZW’s gateway. Now this isn’t so bad because some of the VZW stuff is actually good, but then you see small tiny banner ads for other products. VZW also wants you to use the “Get it now!” service to buy things (should be called PAY ME NOW!) that should be accessible on the web.

This intrusion into our life is brought to us all for the sake of the almighty dollar. It would be different if the phones would be cheaper, but it they generally aren’t….unless you have a new every 2 option.

Marketing companies are beside themselves now. They love being able to sell any piece of screen real estate they can get and they like it even more because they can be HIGHLY targetted.

I normally don’t want more laws, but I personally think that there should be some regulations because most marketing companies seem to be bereft of ethics and common sense. This needs to end now. You pay for cable TV. Tell your favorite network companies that you appreciate the ability they have to broadcast races and sporting events but tell them what is ok and what isn’t. Tell them to stop selling things like the race position call and the first down line. If they don’t, then stop watching OR record the show on the DVR and watch it later…in a much shorter run time! 😀

This message brought to you by NOONE!


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