Feisty Fawn is released into the woods and the Lord said, it was GOOD!

April 24, 2007 at 8:45 am

Ok, the Lord did not say that but I sure did.  Network Manager installed by default.  Getting ATI drivers working on it was PAINLESS!  Just a couple tweaks to a few things related to suspend and it works pretty well too!  My only complaint, is every once in a while, the ethernet adapter flys the coop.  I just need to edit the same script I did for the wireless card to have it remove the ethernet module prior to suspend and load it on resume and I think that will fix that too.

Couple minor things…Desktop effects won’t work without XGL on this machine.  I’ll get around to it (once someone ELSE does).  The main issue with this is the ATI driver yet again.  Why in the world in this day and age ATI doesn’t release a driver capable of compositing is beyond me.  This same care would likely work perfectly on Windows Vista in the super cool idiot mode.  Anyway, I can live without this for a while and I have to say that Ubuntu is a premier distro now and is now THE distro I use and recommend.  I even would recommend it to total geeks as it’s EASY to setup.  Geeks don’t ALWAYS like the hard road….I have a life too and if it takes me a long time to get things like LAMP working, well screw that distro.  I also don’t have the time to go through many different ACPI scripts to figure our why my laptop won’t suspend/resume properly (even Microsoft screws this up).  So I use a distro that is easy to install and to get working.  Anyway, have fun and give it a try!


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