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I’m Normal

For those who didn’t know, I was scheduled, and had my MRI Friday.  The MRI was to look at a suspected hemangioma on my liver.  A hemangioma is essentially a birthmark, but it’s on my liver.  It’s typically not cancerous and they typically will leave them on the liver if they are found.  They spotted this on my Ultrasound and wanted the MRI to confirm what it was or if it was an anomaly on the ultrasound.

Well, the  Doctor called yesterday, and the MRI came back normal so there’s nothing wrong with me at this point.

Now, the MRI was one of the most weird/interesting things  I have ever had to go through.   The machine they put me in was essentially 2 round slabs that had some substantial machinery connecting the two.  One slab was above me and the other is what I laid on.  They put me in there in scrubs (can’t have any metal on you or in the room) and I went in between the slabs.   Before each image, the tech asked me to take a deep breath, blow it all the way out and don’t breath!  By the time she told me to breath I was not feeling great.  I would finally feel better and it was time for the next pic.  Then it repeats.  After all the initial images were done, they had to inject intravenously some contrast that helped them see my liver better.  Then they did all the same images again with the contrast medicine coursing through my veins.  After an hour, I was done and onthe way out, they gave me a card for a free ice cream at Graters, which was right next door (I smell a HUGE racket!).  Anyway, the folks at Proscan Imaging did a great job to make sure I was comfortable even though they did mess my right arm up a little looking for a vein and eventually had to give the contrast to me in my hand (really weird, and a little painful, but doesn’t hurt once the IV is pulled out).  I highly recommend Proscan Imaging and if you have to get a MRI done and have a choice, they are the best in my opinion.

I have to say that a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulder. Anytime you have a spot on any body part, it’s NOT a good thing and you better get it checked out.  Granted, what they were trying to see is if I really did have a hemangioma which is benign, but it stil gives you the willies because what if the spot is there and it’s NOT a hemangioma??  Only one other thing and cancer sucks….no matter where you get it.


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