Taxes, Windows and Trying to Copy a PDF

April 16, 2007 at 10:03 pm

Tonight is the inevitable night my wife tries to file our now due taxes online.  Boy was that a pain in the butt.   First off, it appeared the provider we chose was a bit overloaded.  Try explaining that to my impatient wife.  Second, we ran out of ink and had to print off the online filing form even though we’ve already paid the tax. That’s moronic.  Lastly, I figure out how to save the PDF to her hard disk and then I can copy it to a thumb drive because Mac OS X refuses to let Windows see my printer share in my office and I am too friggin lazy to do it now and it would all just take longer.  More time is what my impatient wife doesn’t need.  So, I plug my trusty thumb drive into her computer.  I see the drive letter, then windows explorer chokes…friggin great.  So I tell her finish it all and save all the forms and then reboot, then I’ll get it and that finally works.

I  know some of my friends will say why don’t you make her use Linux and blah blah blah, well, the reason I don’t is my wife would not stand for it.  She likes Windows and for her the stupid crap Microsoft puts a user through is acceptable.  I wish i could pound it into her thick skull that we, as computer users, should NEVER expect the crap that Microsoft puts them through.  Also, another reason she must use Windows is her work…all of the instructions are Windows centric and I don’t want to be her tech support when she can’t get connected to work (VPN connection and a terminal program called Outside View).  Anyway, I just wish more companies would stop treating Windows as the end all be all.  Even if they simply offered a Mac choice in addition to the Windows choice, then I could expunge Windows from my house (except the corporate required instance I must run for almost the same reason on my laptop).


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