Super Bowl Sunday Church Presentations Messed up by NFL

February 4, 2007 at 9:08 am

I saw this up on Engadget. Aparantly the NFL sent a C&D letter to several churches planning a safe sane non alcoholic alternative party to most alcohol laced Super Bowl parties. The NFL ok’d the parties, but not until it was way too late. They also voiced their opinion on special halftime videos being shown instead of the crapfest that is the Super Bowl Halftime show. Last year with the Stones (I think that’s who it was) I could hardly hear Mick’s lyrics. Don’t know if that was horrible mixing or equipment malfunction or on purpose. It’s hard to tell. Message for the NFL:

  1. When churches charge a fee, it’s to cover the equipment rental and snacks. Churches make NO money off of it.
  2. Who do you think you are to control WHAT is talked about during the game or shown at halftime in leiu of the Victoria Secret ads and scantily clad halftime show participants. The message shown at these church gatherings for the men have brought youth as well as visiting men to Christ. What’s bad about that?
  3. Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith, the two head coaches, are both Chrisitian. There may even be a special video that was recorded by these two.
  4. These church parties are not new. The Church I used to go to had them and it was great fun and we even had prizes and a guy censoring the racy commercials. News flash NFL….sex may sell, but you don’t to show this on national TV. Thank god for the wardrobe malfunction.
  5. Now you have ticked off one of the most reliable party mechanisms…the church. Churches have power especially if they are a mega church which is increasing in popularity.

This was all for the sake of copyright. Protecting their product. Yet this single event, no matter what teams are involved, always causes a increase in revenue not just in the host city but even in places such as lowly Columbus, OH. Kroger had tons of snack food on sale and plenty of Super Bowl related merchandise and we’re MILES from either team and the last time we had a team in the big game was a long time ago unless you count Pittsburgh.

If this is not a indicator of how screwed up sports and big media is, I do not know what is!


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