My Opinion on Apple’s Jobsnote….

January 9, 2007 at 3:24 pm

Now that Apple’s released em, I am going to post my inital Opinion on each:

Apple iPhone

Sleek Design.  Very nice looking.  I totally disagree with not including a keypad or a stylus.  All of that pressing on the screen is going to leave greasy goobers all over that beautiful screen.  PLUS they could have put Inkwell on it and had a Newton reborn.  Anyway, the two finger navigation is kind of intresting and we all saw the Demo from TED.  That’s almost exactly what this is.  Anyway, the network choice is lousy.  Cingular sucks.  They’d have been better off going with Verizon or Sprint.  Only EDGE and WiFi??  Not even HSDPA.  If they’d have gone the CDMA route, they’d have EVDO in the handset and then it would be great.  Why do you need  broadband?  Because with 8 gig max, you ain’t going to have a whole lot of Video on it so that means streaming.

Airport Extreme

Nice update.  Easy to see why they skipped it.  Even though 802.11N isn’t final just yet, it’s going to be soon and you’ll need this to stream highdef to your Apple TV.

Apple TV

A good idea, but I think they’d have been better off with just building it on top of the Mac Mini.  The price would have been higher, but then you’d have a bigger hard disk.  40 gig ain’t a whole lot anymore.  I’ll probably get one once I get a HDTV.  If I can hook it up to my regular old school TV then I’d go for it now.

In another blog, they mentioned this was the greatest keynote ever.  While it had some nice products,they are not THAT revolutionary.  No 8 core MacPro’s??  Maybe they are coming out later this week….


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