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January 1, 2007 at 1:12 pm 2 comments

It’s New Years Day and I went back to my Mac to check out what iTunes downloaded fully expecting to see nothing and I see the little blue dot by the Daily Source Code. I know I know, why the heck do you listen to it?? Well, frankly, it makes me laugh at the stupid crap that big haired fag can bring up. 😀 Anyway, I connect my iPod (Total Linux geeks eat it….I’ll explain in another post) and sync it up, hit my smart playlist and …..it’s a BOC. Call it the Best of Charlie, the Bride of Chucky or the Bag of Crap like W00t call’s it, but it’s a clip show essentially.

Back in the day when I listened to Talk Radio (I still do on occasion) all of the time, I used to listen to John Corby regularly. WTVN used to put a best of Corby on which actually was worse then a Best of Charlie because it was usually minute per minute a replay of another Corby show. This was horrible and the listener’s let WTVN know it. Now, WTVN actually brings someone else in to sub for Corby. Last week it was ex NBC 4 sports caster Dave Maetzold. Usually I don’t listen to WTVN, but I was out of podcast audio from the past week and I needed something to listen to as I drove back to Columbus. Surprisingly, this actually was intresting. They were talking about new things at the station and other things going on(Ford’s death) and while it may seem like Clear Channel is having difficulties, this station isn’t among many of the other Clear Channel stations in having alot of remote shows…..WTVN alot of local content. Only limited listening times like the 1pm-3pm (Rush) 10pm-1am(Sean Hannity) and 1am-6am(Noory) slots are syndicated during the week. All major dirve times on WTVN in Columbus are locally produced and live content. In fact, WTVN DROPPED Glenn Beck. Now, starting January 9th they will have Joel Riley on from 9-12. In fact here is the new WTVN Line up for the weekday:


“Coast to Coast AM” with George Noory



“News First at 5” including Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story” at 5:20am.



Bob Conners



Joel Riley (Paul Harvey “Mid-Day News and Comment” at 11:42)



Rush Limbaugh



John Corby



Sean Hannity



Mark Levin


On this list, there’s only 4 syndicated shows which I actually think is pretty good. You also have 4 locally produced content shows as well. So WTVN is balanced in this respect. Politically, it’s definitely a conservitive bunch. Air America is off of our air waves here in Columbus on WTPG. In fact the call letters are changing to WTYS.

So how is this radio stuff related? Well, Adam used to bring up alot of controversial talk about things in the podosphere. He also used to talk alot about how we can make podcast catchers and other software around podcasting better. Now when he touches on these subjects, it’s to promote Podshow’s stuff and to also promote Castblaster. There’s nothing wrong with that, but he also seems to crap on stuff others are doing….sometimes. Not all of the time. Anyway, the intresting stuff he used to talk about have been replaced by bits that are fit for crap morning radio…..folder or scruncher?? Metro Sexual Moment?? (ok he hasn’t had one for a while). Anyway, the DSC seems more and more contrived and artificial to me. It was better when he just turned on the mike and had only vague plannings of a show. Now he has a ton of prerecorded stuff and plays very little in the promo area. Oh and this burp was brought to you by Senseo with Splenda(ad for splenda) Anyway, I still listen to the DSC but it’s just on for noise 90 percent of the time with me. Anyway some people are apparantly so addicted to the DSC that they want a BOC and will listen to it. I usually do turn it on, but I listen with vague intrest…..I already heard the stuff before. Also BOC’s are put together by alot of people in Adam’s Inner Circle and some other fans….Marcus Couch, CSB and others. What the BOC is, to me, is ego stroking for Adam when he can’t get a show together. Also, get used to them as it appears he’s going to use that alot as they move to the new cottage. I preffered the mobile shows he did when his broadband wasn’t in the Curry Cottage.

Of the shows I listen to, the majority of them are the non professional shows…..shows like:

That’s just a few off of my podroll. I DO listen to some professional stuff, but it’s limited to the really good professional stuff. There’ so much professional content out there that completely lacks soul. Ever been to a place with a sportscaster who’s NOT from the area? They can’t and do not have the passion needed for a local sports program. The best local spoertscasters and newscasters are the ones who are passionate about the area. Look at the bios for the station. Find the ones who have always been in that area and you will find the best news cast.

The more I listen to the DSC the more I think Adam is loosing his passion for podcasting. He’s more intrested in making podshow money then having fun. The podcasters who have fun doing it are by far the best ones out there.


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  • 1. Trucker Tom  |  January 5, 2007 at 3:39 am

    I do agree that the DSC seems to have lost something that it used to have. The move from promoting an exciting idea for a new form of media to promoting and running a new global media company complete with venture capital funding likely factors in in a huge way. Initiatives that are in the works inside the company often cannot be talked about, whereas before the company existed Adam frequently gave those ideas away, speaking his mind freely about ideas that were occuring to him. BOC’s are likely more about keeping the feed alive as well as DSC showcasing for Sirius than keeping everyday download listeners happy. On the other hand, it’s interesting for me to listen to BOC’s because when I hear each part that I heard before it often triggers memories of where I was at and what I was thinking about at the time I first heard it.–TOM

  • 2. gorkon  |  January 5, 2007 at 10:39 am

    Thanks for the comment Tom.

    Keeping the feed alive? It’s not human! 😀 Just jokin!

    Well, I personally think keeping the feed alive is just like commercial radio. He has to have BOC’s so he can get his splenda mentions in when he can’t record a show. That’s the same reason radio has the same thing Best of whoevers…. Podcasting is supposed to be better then that…..

    Radio has moved AWAY from Best ofs…at least in my area actually. I don’t think I have happened on a pre recorded best of show in the last year on our local talk radio, WTVN.

    What I think may be a better idea to “keep the feed alive” is allow original content on the DSC feed to promote other shows either on Podshow or elsewhere. Podcasters such as you, Trucker Tom, or others can do a original show, and either post it on the DSC feed, or send it to Adam or whatever…. They can do it with all of the product mentions and other things Adam is required in the show. They can thank Adam and mention their feed. Call it a live promo or a promo podcast. Doing this would be a better option anyway and it would help promote other podcasters.

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